XLPAT 5.0 is here!

XLPAT 5.0 - with all new pre-processed patent data set and advanced new AI technologies powered by machine learned technical corpus containing more than 3 billion words.

New Data Source

  • New version of XLPAT has search coverage over comprehensive patent authorities. For details click here
  • Pre-processed data - Faster search and analysis with high scalability
  • Powerful, multi-faceted IP research and analytics

Updation of new data points

  • Updated XLPAT Corpus Data
  • Updated Corporate Subsidiary/Affiliation Data
  • Updated Corporate Revenue
  • Updated Examiner Data

Improved Landscape View

  • Increased size of bucket dataset from 5000 to 15000 patents
  • Standardize Assignee feature added to landscape view
  • New features added to patent reading view-Highlighting keywords,citations details,classification definitions

Improvements in Existing Module

  • Bucket size increased from 5000 to 15000 - Provides detailed analysis of dataset.
  • Export limit increased from 5000 to 15000 in patent search
  • Quick analysis feature for search results without making a bucket (upto 15000 patents)

Patentability is replaced by Novelty Checker

  • Validates novelty of your idea in 3-5 min
  • Search coverage of over 100 patent authorities and Non-patent literature
  • Prior arts ranked by similarity score against key concepts of your idea
  • Powerful visualization helps to explore innovation potential of your idea
  • Delivers confidential auto-generated detailed report